Jun 20, 2016

Regular maintenance of your punch clock

The summer season is an ideal time of the year to complete the preventive maintenance of your mechanical, automatic, computerized or digital clock in your business.

At Solutions Time Data, our qualified technicians are able to adjust, lubricate and repair your clock on site or in our shop. Even though we are located in Montreal, our fix & ship service will ensure a safe and speedy service.

We are one of the only Canadian company who employs qualified technicians able to repair any brands of clock. Besides Amano and Acroprint products, our technicians repair Royal, Pyramid, Simplex, Lathem and others.

Regular maintenance of your punch clock will improve its performance and its longevity for years to come. Solutions Time Data offers a preventive maintenance contract that will contribute to the optimal performance of your clock; it includes tuning, lubricating and changing the ink ribbon.

Feb 1, 2016

Fix and Ship

We have been servicing and repairing punch clocks for over 30 years! Our bilingual service team is comprised of qualified technicians that have been trained to ensure quick and efficient servicing on more than 70 different brands and models of punch clocks.

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