MJR 8000

Tired of counting and adding hours every week? If you have less than 250 employees, the computer in this time and attendance system will do it for you! The MJR automatically calculates and accumulates hours based on your company’s payroll policies and separates them into regular and overtime pay categories. This clock offers many sophisticated features that will simplify your payroll preparation. Drop the card in and it will adjust itself to print the in and outs at the appropriate location and print the calculated total automatically. All our MJRs are pre-programmed in order to fulfill each client’s individual needs.

You won’t need to program this clock as our qualified technicians will take care of this. They will spend the required time to gather the necessary information from you in order to make sure that your computerized clock respects both the provincial and federal regulations as well as your specific demands…for FREE.

NOTE: This device can be paired to one of our alarm systems.


  • Eliminates manual calculation errors
  • Easy to replace ribbon cartridge saves time
  • Wall or desk mount provides for flexible operation


  • Totals hours for up to 250 employees
  • Calculates hours worked: separates regular and overtime
  • Automatically advances year, month, date and Daylight Saving Time
  • Accepts unlimited number of punches per day
  • Accommodates two overtime categories
  • Flexible rounding, grace periods, etc.
  • Automatic breaks and lunch deduction
  • Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
  • Exception marks for easy identification of tardiness, overtime, etc.
  • Easy data correction
  • Lockout capability
  • Built-in battery backup protects clocks and program data for up to 72 hours during power failure
  • Rounds In/Out times
  • Rechargeable Ni-CD battery backup
  • Prints name on card
  • Prints exceptions in red
  • Accommodates paid breaks
  • Table or wall mount

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