The ES900 can be paired to one of our audible alarm systems. This is the punch clock you need if you want all the advantages of the ES700 and the possibility to add a break alarm or a bell to complete your time and attendance system.

We set it, you forget it! This is an electronic time clock. With the pre-programmed Daylight Saving Time, new years, leap years, and short months, this time recorder doesn’t skip a beat. This quiet machine is the perfect system for the office. Just align the card and watch it do the rest. You don’t want to worry about programming a clock? No worries, it will keep the information we’ve programmed before shipping it to you. In case of power failure, its built-in battery will retain its programming up to 72 hours.


  • Atomic time accuracy
  • Flexible print options
  • Easy document alignment
  • Optional signal control

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