Ares IV Watchman Clock

These lightweight yet durable tracking systems ensure your personnel are making their rounds as scheduled. It’s so easy — simply touch the handy M6000 recorder to the recording station “iButton” and it records the location, date, and time.

ARES Express offers easy rounds tracking at a value-conscious price. Ideal for guards and other security personnel, hospital or nursing home staff, cleaning crews — any situation where you need to be able to verify when your personnel have visited specific locations.

The advanced ARES IV system offers all the advantages of the ARES Express, plus incident tracking. With ARES IV, your personnel can use a handy optional incident pad to record more information about conditions they encounter while completing their rounds.


  • Lightweight, pocket-sized recorder unit
  • Weatherproof, rugged casing
  • Expandable
  • Accountable

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